The Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association Art Gallery features authentic Anishinabe / Chippewa / Metis art work that has been designed and hand crafted by enrolled members of the TMBCI. One purpose of the TMTAA is to empower local artists in their quest to become entrepreneurs striving to become self sufficient.

The Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association began development in 2006 in collaboration between local artist and the North West Area Foundation.  It was recognized that a need existed to provide opportunities for present and future Turtle Mountain Artists to continue developing their arts and crafts, for the present and future artists to gain access to new markets for their work, including internet markets, and to learn how to protect their intellectual property rights to their work.

The Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association is currently located in downtown Belcourt, ND in the Heritage Center Building.  The TMTAA Director and TMTAA Board of Directors are establishing contacts with several other artist associations; through various collaborative efforts TMTAA is pursuing fundraising activities to generate funds for the association.  It is important for the association to become self-sustaining through fundraising efforts to continue the vision of TMTAA.  Many people have volunteered their efforts in the continued success of TMTAA and we want to thank them for their support.