Julie Patnaude

Most people would not describe me as a “Traditional Native American Artist”. However, I feel that my work is reflective of myself and my experiences as a Native American woman. Some images are pieces of memories or feelings, brought together to form an image or idea. I use images that I am passionate about, and often in my work try to capture some aspect of the life and/or emotion. I like to create work that is complex and that is infused with a sense of surrealism and whimsy.   I use subject matter that I can relate to, and that I feel others can relate to. I want to be able to invoke thought and emotion from my viewers. I would say that although my work is not typical of most Native Artists it is in fact reflective of a modern Native Woman. I do use different aspects of my culture to enhance my ability to create. Often times I use images in my art that are inspired by my culture and the natural landscape from the reservation where I grew up. I hope that my work is meaningful to natives and non-natives alike, and that people in general find it interesting and moving.


Julie Patnaude Artwork Samples