Native American Dance Troupe

The Turtle Mountain Tribal Arts Association Native American Dance Troupe has been working on dance regalia since October 2015 through July 2016 in all styles of Native American Dance. Men, women and children ranging in all ages are participants in the dance troupe and have done very well creating and putting together their dance regalia. Most of the participants had never used a sewing machine, done any type of bead work or made leather moccasins, and most had not participated in any style of Native American dance. They have all done very well mastering each component of the project. Weekly class sessions were held 3 times a week to try and meet the needs of all participants. For their first official performance the dance troupe was invited to perform for the Rolette Nursing Home in Rolette ND. Each of the 10 dancers performed at least one dance in their preferred style of dance and closed with all dancers performing together. The performance was a huge success and well appreciated by the residents of the nursing home and staff members as well.